Dating in the times of Internet

Dating has been a relatively old concept in western culture and is a standard way of meeting potential life partners and getting to know them. This trend has been picked up all over the world and with advancements in technology, dating has evolved from physical interactions to virtual platforms. With more and more internet users every day, dating apps have untapped a great curiosity among people to find their love interests online and be able to communicate with them. This is a clear sign of things to come and studies suggest dating could totally be internet based 10-15 years from now on.

Dating Applications and websites

Though website based dating has not been new and is widely used by matrimonial agencies globally, the use of smart phone applications to cater to this genre has been relatively new. There are many varieties of apps on smart phone operating systems which use given user information and preferences to find the perfect matching profile for them to interact to. Many applications use real time location and online interests to pinpoint the best person you can approach and befriend.

How it Works Out

Dating websites and applications take the help of clever programming and their extensive database to work smartly and show up profiles you can most likely connect with. When you set up your profile on any such apps, they ask permission to access your data on various social media platforms and ask you to define your interests and exactly what kind of personalities you would be looking for during your usage. Then these apps assemble the data at one place and compare them with profiles already existing on their networks. Processing results, they show the best matching profiles that have the same interests as you and like the same things on their social media accounts. Users can then send either a friend request to allow them to chat with the person or a simple greeting message.

Many apps also use location based services to show up people around you interested in dating or socializing. You can choose whether you are interested in them or not by some simple action such as swiping left or right. When your potential interests open the app and do the same procedure, the system will match them up with you if they are also interested in talking to you.

Dating, as u can visualize from above, has changed totally from what it was in the earlier times. From dinner dates to virtual communications, the concept of dating has evolved a lot and will keep doing so with more progress in technology and growing internet obsession of people.