More than 50% of the population confirms not having good sex during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic, an event that marked a turning point in the lives of the world’s population. For more than 2 years, the whole world has been living in a climate of uncertainty and fear. News comes and goes. Traumatic losses of loved ones and friends, elimination of routines, no one comes out of this situation unscathed, albeit on different scales.

At first, the coronavirus was regarded with some incredulity by heads of state, many of whom classified the lethal virus as a simple flu. The situation changed as more and more people became infected and sick. Then, a great movement began to close the borders to protect each country against the infection, which until then had no remedy or cure.

There was no choice, everyone had to adapt. Schools began to close, so parents had to adjust to having their children at home 100% of the time, companies began to migrate to remote work, and what was routine in a couple’s life was completely turned upside down.

Going out, meeting people and having a good time with a hot sex call girl in escort service in delhi was no longer possible as it used to be. It was then that, in addition to the psychological damage, the sexual damage began to be felt. And it is precisely this that the Skokka escorts will discuss in the following.

  • Lack of leisure

The first thing that has had an impact on the general sex life has been the loss of leisure. Both for couples, who were used to going out to dinner, to a park, to a concert or to the mall to relieve all the stress of the week, and for singles, who used to see going to the discotheque as an opportunity to meet someone interesting for a night of pleasure or, why not, even something more. How can you do all that if interaction is forbidden? How can you explore the art of seduction with social distancing?

  • Excessive cohabitation

Forced cohabitation was also a factor that drastically decreased the sexual appetite of individuals. Having to live with someone 24 hours a day, even a partner, is not easy. In the end, everyone needs to have their own time, space and individuality, something that for many did not happen during the period of confinement caused by covid19. As a consequence, relationships become strained and small details that were previously unnoticed gradually become annoying.

  • Self-esteem

As the beauty salons closed down, the desire to stay in pyjamas all day grew stronger and stronger, and people gradually, consciously or unconsciously, “loosened up” a little more. Why buy a nice suit or go for a new hairstyle if there is nowhere else to go? With self-esteem at rock bottom, many couples and singles found themselves with less desire for intimacy.

  • Economic and financial problems

It is no news that financial problems directly affect sexual appetite. And then adding the doubt of the dark scenario presented by the pandemic is even worse. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) states that the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed 108 million workers worldwide into poverty, and estimates that by 2022 there will be more than 200 million unemployed. So it is not surprising that the full weight of the moment is making people think less about sex.

  • Physical and mental health

Another important factor is health. Both physical health, which has been affected by the closure of gyms and the impossibility of practising sport outdoors, and mental health, which suffers from the bombardment of alarming news, insecurity, lack of routine, stress, anxiety, among many others. Everyone does what they can, whether it’s exercising at home, painting, cooking a new recipe… anything helps at this difficult time, but, invariably, the consequences are reflected.

Progressive restart

With the progress of the global vaccination plan, the light at the end of the tunnel and the return to normality of everyday life are getting closer and closer. Cultural activities are gradually resuming, commercial establishments are starting to function and everything seems to be converging towards a calmer breath of fresh air.

Now, more than ever is the time to take care of oneself and others. To spoil and pamper oneself. Buy that special outfit and get that long-desired haircut. To try new positions with a partner and even use accessories or invite a sexual video call to spice things up. It is time to rekindle the flame and fully enjoy sexuality, after all, there is still a lot of life left to live.