The Collection of Best Striptease Songs

As the valentine day or anniversary dates approaches ladies turn the dial up to sizzling to allure and entice their male counterpart. There are many ways to do this, of which striptease is the most common way to make your male partner high on the day. To support your efforts there are Best Striptease Songs which can make your day very saucy. So, ensure to choose the best songs for performing striptease with your male counterpart and make your day really memorable with some fun activities.

You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker

This is the song where you are not required to follow a specific move, instead listen to the Cocker’s gravelly instructions and enjoy the song while stripteasing. The signature move in the song is the chair and you can dance by standing on the chair and stretch your back over it and then swimming and straddle on it. You also need to step on it so it tips and sashay around it and use the hat seductively. Ensure to use a sturdy chair which won’t break with your body weight.

Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard

This is one of the Best Striptease Songs with ultimate music for the girls with attitude. Simply swagger your staff and don’t give any scope to think what you want from him. The signature move of the song is the sticky sweet champagne. After the top pops simply lick the rim with the lips and while drinking from the bottle allow the sparkling liquid to flow down your throat and chin.

Fever – Beyonce

This is the saucy rendition by Beyonce which guarantee to raise the temperature of your partner. The wall slide is the signature move of the song. The moves are easy as you simply need to slide down the wall and getting back up, while putting your back to wall and shimmy sexily until you gets into the crouch position. Ensure that the knees are tracked directly over toes to avoid any kind of injuries.

I Am A Slave for You – Britney Spears

When you are eager to have your man drives on you simply play this striptease song. The signature move of the song is the alligator push-up and it is the super-sexy method to crawl on all your four legs in alligator style. The right arm and the opposite legs would move together in forward direction as if you are performing sexed push-ups and do the same with your left arm and opposite legs. Ensure to keep your eyes on the partner while performing the moves.

Touch Me – Samantha Fox

If you are feeling a bit demanding, this naughty song would tell your partner exactly what you want from him. The signature move of the song is breast shakes. Since the singer is mainly known for her music career and the giant assets, she often dances by shaking them to show-off. Similarly you also need to do the same and shake the breast in perfect way and ensure to wear the push-up bra for safety. Lean forward and push the girl shimmy and out.