Tantrism: the secrets of a sensual massage

Tantric massage is a great way to better know your body and boost your libido. An intense experience, beneficial for oneself and for one’s couple.

What is tantrism?

This centuries-old practice is above all a way to better understand and control your body. Straight from the sacred texts of tantra and Hindu philosophy, it differs from other massages in its very erotic and especially full of tradition. “This massage is practiced naked. Beyond the classical and physical massage, there is a whole ritual, a ritual to respect. The whole body is massaged. The protocol and the ceremony can last 3 hours for a truly complete session,” says Nicolas Buton, manager of a massage and wellness company.

Tantric massages enhance intimacy

This practice will not please fans of quickie! Tantric massages take a lot of time. If your partner massages you, he must insist on each area of your body, starting from your face to the tip of your feet, or vice versa, through your breasts, buttocks and your sex. Care must be taken to knead the skin with all its energy and make circular movements, because Tantrism is this: an exchange of energy. You must connect with your partner and become aware of your body and his as you go through it. It does not matter if you do not have massage techniques professional masseurs, if you massage your partner, you must take pleasure in doing so and feel in total symbiosis with him.

The good atmosphere for a tantric massage

The tantric massage Lovesita.com has more and more followers, as its effects are beneficial for oneself and for the couple. It aims at the union of the two male and female principles, symbolized by Shiva and Shakti. It can be an ideal preliminary to sex. It also helps to restore a bodily dialogue and love between partners. This massage aims to release the circulation of sexual energy. Sexuality is then more conscious and more fulfilled. No need to be a professional to indulge in tantric massage, it has the advantage of being accessible to all. To be effective, tantric massage must meet certain conditions, starting with the establishment of a “sacred” space. To have such a space, it suffices to honor the five senses. For this you can follow a very simple protocol. Start by lighting a candle and perfume your interior with an essential oil, such as jasmine, neroli, rose or white sandalwood. Put a music conducive to relaxation and love. Remember to prepare a small snack to enjoy after the massage and sit on the floor, with plenty of towels, cushions, etc. It is essential to set the intention so that the tantric massage does not turn into a simple massage. It should be noted that it is not necessary to be completely naked for this type of massage. The most important thing is respect for everyone’s freedom. The condition sine qua non is the slowness. The massage must be done slowly to allow the emergence of sensations. You can also discover tantric massage in a professional context. There is no sexual connotation and the practitioner must be of quality.

The typical session

During the session, all parts of the body are massaged and especially the erogenous zones. We must learn to channel his excitement, “sexual energy” and know how to control. No question of letting go under the expert fingers of his masseur! Take full cognizance of your body and control it…that’s the difficulty and purpose of the exercise. Tantrism also has a pedagogical or therapeutic purpose: to improve one’s sexual performance, to discover and to know better one’s body but also that of one’s partner. Learning to touch and discover new sensations alone or in pairs allows for better control and better performance. A good way to regain self-confidence and improve your sexual experience, in short!

Top for libido!

The path of Tantrism can be a solitary journey, it is about his body and his own wellbeing above all. But for all couples who are constantly looking for novelty, learning this type of massage can, according to Nicolas, bring them a real answer: “It can also save couples: develop and regain a libido, relearn to know, touch and desire the other. We must really do this together.”

The secrets to start

foot massageWith breathing games, caresses more sensual than usual, a mood and a moment chosen…the couple can rediscover themselves through this tender and accomplice moment. And if tantric massage is mainly practiced in specialized institute, it is quite possible to reproduce it at home:

“Everyone can practice it of course. There is no need for much, just listening, and paying close attention to each other. The bottom line lies in trusting each other to be guided and go totally.”

In concrete terms, how am I doing?

  • Have a good bottle of massage oil (be careful of too much smell), some candles, incense, a CD of relaxing music, some touching accessories like a feather or a veil, and especially, two to three good hours in front of you.
  • Try to hold your breath together with your partner. Take care to stimulate all parts of the body (leg, head, arm) before attacking the erogenous parts. The person being massaged must feel confident and completely relaxed. When caressing the sexual parts, stay there for a while, gradually, then return to other less sensitive parts. Play with frustration and desire. Play with the different pressures and the touches.