How to get the best sex always – best sex positions

Everyone wonders what are the sexual positions for the best sex ever. We all want pleasure to our partner when we make love. So, to have the best sex always, it is important that you try sexual positions that make sexual and exciting sex. The company has a misconception that men should push deeply into a woman as a jackhammer, while women should be moaning in non-stop pleasure. This often happens in romantic movies but rarely in real life.

A problematic attitude that comes from movies is that sex begins and ends when the man comes. Usually, it is considered the highest point to make love. The problem is that it does not completely ignore whether women reach orgasm during sex. The truth is that men come quickly, while women hardly come. Do not take this as a threat to your manhood. What it means is that one should not treat sex in terms of whether you come or not, but if it can. The difference is sometimes as simple as using different forms of excitement. For example, it is important to stimulate a woman during preliminaries and sex with your fingers and your penis to turn it on. This gives it prolonged experience and warms it to be capable of orgasm in the first place. Unlike men, the excitement of women is producing more gradually and is being built in anticipation. Thus, this stimulation should not just be considered incident, but as something that can do sex last longer and lead more orgasms.

If a girl still does not come, you may want to try something different .. For example, if you want a woman to come during vaginal sex, try a new sexual position position. There are very practical benefits to that. Different positions arouse it in different ways. In fact, it is enough to sit or elongated on it can change dramatically the effect. Making love in various positions adds a variety that can keep it more excited. Some positions actually help sex lasting longer to have more orgasms and you can feel like a stud.

Here are some sexual positions for the best sex ever. For best results, I highly recommend it to warm it first by stimulating it with your finger so that it is excited for that. That alone will create more orgasms and skyrocket the times it will reach its culminating point. Get your wet fingers and enter it and curve your fingers up. Do it slow down then accelerate it. With your other finger, rub his clitoris and licking it with your tongue. This stimulation will get it so excited. When you enter it, you have tried sex with the woman on the top. This allows him to pass at his own pace and adjust the angle and depth of penetration. The additional advantage of this is that it also allows more clitary stimulation that can transform it. She will often prefer Loveemaking slow, but also often, she will love you to penetrate hard. I want to add a warning word for these two positions. I strongly recommend that you hold his hips to guide them in case she gets too enthusiastic, which can have painful consequences.

Once you have experienced these sexual positions, you could try to enter it from behind and rub his clit at the same time. This can do it incredibly aroused. You can even, if you have trouble right, both reach orgasm at the same time. One of the other major elements of this sexual position is that passing from behind shows a lot of domination that calls psychologically to many women. I would recommend coming up with your own variations. You can even try wild stuff and thicker like thrust in it while getting up in the shower!

Finally, I would like to add that one of these sexual positions can also be modified in another way. For example, looking at her in the eyes while you make one of these addicts of intensity to make love. Sometimes pinning their arms during a missionary position will show domination that could transform it. Slowing down your movements and letting it feel each thrust adds Mor