6 Most Common Mistakes Men Booking Escorts Make

Avoid These For A Great Date

When you are booking an escort, don’t make the same mistakes that so many other men do.

Booking Chelsea escorts can seem like a scary process. You hear so many horror stories. Often though, many of those horror stories are down to some rookie errors on the client’s part. To help you make your night with an escort a roaring success rather than an absolute disaster, here are some handy times that will help you navigate the experience smoothly. From booking your escort to the date itself, there are six mistakes that you should avoid making.

Not getting in touch appropriately

First of all, contact the escort agency in the appropriate manner. That means no texts and no withheld numbers. Top agencies carefully screen their clients to ensure their escorts’ safety, and they’re not going to be able to do that if you don’t get in touch in the correct way. So use the contact form on the website, or pick up the phone.

Failing to be open and honest

Don’t expect your escort to be a mind reader. You need to be open and honest with her at all times, rather than expecting her to just magically know what it is that you want. These women have lots of experience, so nothing you say will shock them. By letting go of your inhibitions, you can leave the appointment feeling completely satisfied.

Not respecting your escort

It’s important to give your escort the respect that she gives you. So many men are guilty of looking down on their escorts because of their career choice, even though they are the ones hiring them! Plenty of escorts do their job because they love it. So leave any misconceptions or assumptions at the door, and treat your escort like any other working professional.

Not making an effort

So many guys think that making an effort is, well, too much of an effort. As your escort is getting dressed up for you, you should smarten up as well. No one is asking you to splash out on a Saville Row suit for your date. Just pay attention to your personal hygiene and grooming, and opt for a smart/casual dress code. It won’t take long, and your escort will be really impressed.

Asking for a discount

Don’t ask for a discount. A lot of guys think that they’ll be able to secure themselves a reduced rate by promising to become a regular client or leave a glowing review. Escort agencies are too savvy to fall for that, and you’ll be given a pretty frosty response. To get some perks, build up a good relationship with the agency by booking regularly and being respectful.

Not booking with a good agency

Last but not least, always hire from a reputable agency. It’s surprising how many men fall at this final hurdle, but there are lots of unscrupulous escorts out there offering low rates all while putting their clients at risk. By booking with a trusted agency like Elite VIP Models, you can expect a discreet service, healthy and happy escorts and a totally transparent booking process.

You’re all set!

Now that you know which common pitfalls to avoid, you can look forward to a date with an escort that goes totally smoothly. No matter the occasion, an evening with a beautiful woman is something that any man will enjoy. By paying attention to what you’ve just read, you can be sure that it’s an experience that your escort will be happy to repeat too.